The Manitoba Blind Sports Association Yoga Program is for all fitness levels and focuses on increasing your body’s flexibility and core strength. Practitioners have the potential to develop skills that will enhance physical health, confidence and mental wellness. Yoga is a low impact workout that will add balance to your life! Every workout adapts for […]


Swimming with MBSA kicks! Swimmers are taught by a coach with Level 3 certification and are assisted at the pool by dedicated volunteers. Swimmers participate for fun and well being, and some have gone on to participate at the Paralympic Games and the Canada Summer Games.


Led by experienced archer and archery instructor Diane Minion, our archery program is for beginners through advanced archers. Archers work with a volunteer guide from Heights Archery, and use tactile cues (tripods for arm positioning and foot guides) to position themselves, and receive verbal assistance and coaching from their guide. For an audible cue, balloons can optionally […]


Goalball is a fast-paced team sport designed specifically for blind and visually impaired athletes. We welcome visually impaired and sighted players alike to explore goalball with us. We welcome players 16 and older, and accommodate recreational and competitive athletes alike. (Younger athletes who wish to explore goalball should check out the Young Athlete Development Program). The […]


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For media inquiries, contact Manitoba Blind Sports Association at (204) 925-5694, or by e-mail, [email protected].

Sports & Programs

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Current programs Fall/Winter/Spring Goalball (Mid-October through Mid-April) Archery (October through April) Curling (October through April) Swimming (October through April) Cross Country Ski (December and January, weather dependent) Yoga (September through June) Young Athlete Development Program (Fall/Winter – Dates to be determined) Upcoming programs Spring/Summer Golf (Saturdays starting in June) Dragonboat (July and August)

September 2015: MBSA Demonstration Day

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Manitoba Blind Sports hosted a demonstration day at the University of Winnipeg on Sunday, September 27, 2015. CBC article and video report: English – Winnipeg group challenges visually impaired to face fears, try sports French – Une journée d’initiation aux sports pour les aveugles et malvoyants

April 2015: Courage Canada makes its first stop in Winnipeg

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April 2015: Courage Canada makes its first stop in Winnipeg CBC – Blind and visually impaired youth learn to skate in Winnipeg Winnipeg Sun – Program teaches blind youth to play hockey