Athletes in yellow jerseys playing goalball. Three players lay on the court with a net spanning the width of the court behind them. the player in the centre is about to pass to the player on his left side.Goalball is a fast-paced team sport designed specifically for blind and visually impaired athletes. We welcome visually impaired and sighted players alike to explore goalball with us. We welcome players 16 and older, and accommodate recreational and competitive athletes alike. (Younger athletes who wish to explore goalball should check out the Young Athlete Development Program).

The sport requires players to play both offensively and defensively at the same time, protecting a 9 metre (29.5 foot) net, and attempting to score on the opposing team’s net 18 (59 feet) metres away. The ball is about the size of a basketball (but heavier and less bouncy!), and contains bells to help players orient to its location. Similarly, court markings are slightly raised using floor tape to help athletes determine their location on the court. All players are under eyeshade, which means blind, visually impaired and sighted players can play equally.

Due to the COVID pandemic,  our goalball program is currently not running. Contact Kerri at km.goalball [at] gmail.com for details.

We also welcome kinesiology students in Adapted Physical Activity to join us for their practicums. Please contact Kerri at [email protected] for details.