September 2018: Dragon Boat Coverage on CBC

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December 2017: Goalball comes to River East

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October 2017: A Chance to Try Goalball [AMI Podcast]

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March 2017: ‘Develop your game’: Blind curlers face off at Winnipeg competition

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Young Athletes

Join us as we launch a new program just for young athletes who are blind or visually impaired. We’ll explore a variety of sports and activities that Manitoba Blind Sports offers in a fun, low-competition environment, led by MBSA coaches and athletes.

Athletes start at all ages, and we are excited to begin a multi-sport program just for young athletes, 5-13 years old. With guidance from our experienced coaches and program leaders, as well as our current adult athletes, we’ll explore many of the programs offered by Manitoba Blind Sports, including goalball, archery, golf and more, as well as fundamental movement and sport skills.

Athletes 5-13 will develop physical literacy and sport skills, and prepare for future experiences, while athletes 14+ will continue to work on skills while assisting younger athletes.

If you are interested in getting your young athlete involved, contact Kerri at [email protected].

Dragon Boat / Rowing

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Dragon Boat is a great way to paddle the Red River in summer. A dragon boat
team consists of 10 paddlers for the mini dragon boat and 20 paddlers for the
full boat. In addition to the Paddlers each boat requires a Cox to steer and a
drummer who sets the pace. Paddlers provide the power to move the boat.
Timing of paddling is more important than strength of the individual paddlers
making it a great team Sport. This program offers once/week training in
summer and depending on participants, the team can compete in the various
Dragon Boat Festivals that are held in Winnipeg. Practices are held at the
Manitoba Canoe Kayak Association facility located at 80 Churchill Drive, in


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Blind golfers use simple adaptations while on the course. Golfers are guided by
a coach, whose role is to assist the blind golfer with club placement and location
of the green and hole. MBSA offers blind and vision impaired golfers the
opportunity to participate in lessons, fun golf events as well as the chance to
compete in an annual provincial golf tournament. Those wishing to compete at a
higher level can also compete at the Westerns and Canadian Open.


Curling is a great team sport that all can play. Coaches and training are
provided. Teams play once a week during the winter months. Those wishing to
compete at a higher level can tryout for the Provincial Team to participate at the
Westerns and Nationals held in Ottawa during White Cane Week.

Cross Country Ski

Cross country skiing is an excellent way to get out and enjoy our great outdoors.
Coaching and guides are provided for beginner, and experienced skiers.
The program is held at the Windsor Park Golf Course. One on one coaching will
be offered to those who require it. Others will be coached in small groups.
Initial lessons will concentrate on fundamentals using the practice grid. As
members become comfortable on their skis, groups will ski on the trails at the
golf course. The programs consist of weekly lessons, each two hours in length.


Yoga (group)

The Manitoba Blind Sports Association Yoga Program is for all fitness levels and focuses on increasing your body’s flexibility and core strength. Practitioners have the potential to develop skills that will enhance physical health, confidence and mental wellness. Yoga is a low impact workout that will add balance to your life!

Every workout adapts for participants to improve balance, stability, flexibility and strength using mindfulness and breath. Although you may start yoga for the physical benefits you may soon feel the bonus of an overall sense of well-being.

This group practice is a fun and safe environment where participants support each other with positive feedback, enthusiasm and energy.

Lead by yoga teachers Ruth Reis, Doreen Wuckert, and Nicole Necsefor our classes run Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-11am at the CNIB Multipurpose Room located at 1080 Portage Avenue. Contact Cathy Derewianchuk at Manitoba Blind Sports Association for details about joining the classes.

7 of our 2017-2018 season yoga participants pose for a photo, many with hands folded and yoga mats present!  12 of our 2017-2018 season yoga participants pose for a photo, many with hands folded. A yellow lab guide dog sits to the front left, and a pink yoga mat is rolled standing in the centre.

About Our Instructors

Ruth Reis has taught various group fitness classes for over 30 years and yoga for ten years, teaching at the CNIB since 2015. Her initial yoga teacher training was with Maureen Rae Studio in 2008. She certified as a fitness leader at the YMCA teaching various fitness classes throughout Winnipeg and later joined and certified her fitness and yoga with the Manitoba Fitness Council (MFC).  In 2008 she took the NCCP course while teaching Taekwondo. Currently Ruth’s interests are focused mainly on yoga, teaching various classes for the City of Winnipeg as well as other venues throughout Winnipeg.

Doreen Wuckert is a teacher by profession. Also, she is a certified Yoga and Resistance Instructor, receiving her training from the Manitoba Fitness Council, Yoga Studios in Toronto, and the Yoga Centre, Winnipeg. In addition to teaching with Maniotba Blind Sports Association, Doreen currently is a yoga instructo with the City of Winnipeg, Creative Retirement, Deer Lodge Community Centre, and leads private lessons in her home studio. Doreen refreshes her skills by taking new courses in Winnipeg and in other countries. She presents workshops upon request.

Nicole Necsefor has been exploring the practice and teachings of yoga for the last ten years, completing various teacher trainings along the way. She currently holds Advanced Masters’ Core certification through the Yogic Physical Culture Academy, RYT200 Vinyasa Flow certification through Yoga Alliance, as well as YogaFit certification through the Manitoba Fitness Council. She believes in empowering her students to claim their own practice by cultivating a safe and inclusive space to explore all the benefits that yoga has to offer.