Big Daddy Tazz Comedy Show Tickets Available Now!

Once again MBSA will benefit from ticket sales our members make for the Big Daddy Tazz & Friends comedy show, this year happening at the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre on January 24, 2020 at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $30 each, and we will receive $15 from each ticket sold!
Contact the office for more information.

2019 Grey Cup Pool Ticket Winners

We were able to make ~ $2840 in profit with 2680 tickets sold (20 short of selling 3 full sets)!  All profits will help support our ongoing sports programs.
The lucky winners are as follows:
Purple Tickets:
1st Quarter:  D. Penner (sold by D. Penner)
1st Quarter reverse:  J. Zielinski (sold by D. Lackey)
2nd Quarter: K. Rech (sold at Polo Park Mall Display)
2nd Quarter reverse: C. Maughan (sold by R. Eadie)
3rd Quarter: A. Lackey (sold by D. Lackey)
3rd Quarter reverse: D. Lagace (sold at KP Mall Display)
Final Score: F. Favell (sold by A. Brackman)
Final Score reverse: K. Goetz (sold by V. Goetz)
Salmon Tickets:
1st Quarter:   D. Williams (sold by P. Nicolas)
1st Quarter reverse:  P. Nicolas
2nd Quarter: S. Klim (sold by H. Van Wyk)
2nd Quarter reverse: M. Rarog (sold by R. Tymchuk)
3rd Quarter: C. Lyon (sold by D. Martinuzzi)
3rd Quarter reverse: S. White (sold by K. St. Vincent)
Final Score: B. Nicolas (sold by P. Nicolas)
Final Score reverse: S. Ans (sold by P. Nicolas)
White Tickets:
1st Quarter:   G. Howe (sold by L. Chase)
1st Quarter reverse:  L. Kearns (sold by A. Brackman)
2nd Quarter: J. Shumila
2nd Quarter reverse: L. Liska (sold by K. St. Vinceny)
3rd Quarter: Decklan  (sold by D. Penner)
3rd Quarter reverse: D. Fortesche (sold at KP Mall Display)
Final Score: R. Dubois (sold by C. McIlraith)
Final Score reverse: M.Swain (sold by S. McKinney)

Throughout the year, MBSA has many fundraising opportunities available to our community and athletes. These fundraisers allow us to continue to provide sport and physical activity opportunities at affordable rates to our members!

Grey Cup Raffle Tickets are on sale, and available by contacting the office. Tickets are $2.00 each.

Our annual Bud Spud & Steak is in September each year. Information for our 2019 event is above.

Have an interest in helping MBSA fundraise? Contact the office to learn about opportunities available on our fundraising committee, led by Norm Lyons!